Meet the Greek Designers

Tomy K

Tomy K Greek Textile Designer and More

My name is Tomy Karaiskos. I am a Greek graphic designer / textile designer.

I have worked in various advertising agencies in Athens, Greece as an Art Director before starting working as a freelancer.

My work’s perspective changed when in 2011, I was chosen by Ralph Lauren’s Polo Jeans to be one of the 16 artists worldwide to do the artwork of an ArtStar, of the Polo Jeans Artstar Project. Few months later, I decided to start my own project, Tomy K due to my everlasting passion for creation.

I started out by experimenting with paper, creating paper artworks for personalized frames, in my private art space, where I am able to freely express my artistic visions. Soon I decided to expand the product categories and moved on to design fabrics for cushions, pouches, bags etc.

My biggest dream is for my brand to travel across the globe, entering the nicest interior design boutiques & houses. I long to share my creative passion with equally creative people, learn from the best and be able to reach the highest level in what I am proud to call my job. After all, isn’t what we do “a work of art”?


Anna Theodorakou

 Anna Theodorakou Greek Designer

My name is Anna Theodorakou and I have been designing and creating jewelry for many years. At the jewelry school I attended I was taught techniques and was given stimuli to love and work on this creative art. In 2014, having already worked at well-known jewelry and accessories companies, I decided to work as a jewelry designer and producer.

My jewelry is all hand made, designed and produced by me. They are made of silver 925° and brass, often perfected with semi-precious stones, tassels and cords.






Myrsini Maneta


Myrsini Maneta, owner and founder of “Birds & lofts” workshop, studied architecture and currently works as an illustrator and drawing teacher in Athens. “Birds & lofts” is an Athens based workshop which creates objects inspired by architecture, the city and its history since 2014. The products include high quality prints of original illustrations, such as postcards, posters, notebooks, light boxes etc.






Athanasia Takesian

Athanasia Takesian was born and raised in Athens, Greece.  About 5 years ago she began Silversmithing, where she learned the basic techniques.  For her silversmithing cultivates her expression and is a way of life.  She is fascinated by the thought that you can give life to a material, such as metal.  The main material she uses is silver, and likes to incorporate precious stones.





Athina Skourogeorga

Athina Skourogeorga is a self-taught artist with passion for leather and has been in the field of arts and crafts for almost twenty years.

 She has participated in numerous bazaars, both in Greece and abroad and in exhibitions for International Organizations such as the Medicins sans Frontieres.

 Always in search for the unique, she never stops looking for new forms and alternative ways of using leather and presenting her creations.

 Her jewelry reflects her love for Greek nature and colours and combines beauty and tradition.