Paper Boats

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“Thematic Greek Collectible”

All of us who grew up by the sea learned from our parents or grandparents to make paper boats and push them in the water. This childhood memory and the very characteristic shape of the paper boats inspired us to create this simple thematic collectible which consists of two pieces and is painted in three vibrant colors.

Place it as a special collectible item and give a childish note to the decoration of your space.



In the past, paper boats were one of the most popular toys for children. Children made boats by tearing sheets of paper from their notebooks and left them in the water to sail, making a competition which one will stand for longer before it sink.



A high-quality, environmentally friendly handmade thematic collectible that will delight you with its excellent craftsmanship and originality.

Consists of 2 unique pieces



(cm) 5,6 (height) x 10 (Length) x 3,5 (thickness)


– FSC certified Beech Wood of European origin

– Eco- friendly chalk-based lacquer, EN/71.3 certified

– Protection water-based varnish, EN/71.3 certified

– Hand-Made in Greece, EU


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